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Works with Cingular, Verizon and Alltel cellular wireless phones in the frequency range of 824 – 894 MHz.

Wireless Extenders YX500-Cel zBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster up to 2500 Square Feet of Coverage for Home or Office (800 MHz Phones)


  • Extends cellular coverage for single or multiple users in homes or offices--provides up to 2500 square feet of coverage
  • Works with AT&T;, Verizon and Alltel cellular wireless phones in the frequency range of 824-894 MHz
  • Omni-directional signal antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers
  • Antenna can be installed outdoors above the roofline or indoors in the attic or near a window
  • Extends phone battery life--uses less power when signal is stronger

User Reviews

I've had one of these units for many years until this summer when house struck by lightning. I promptly ordered a replacement unit since we missed the extended coverage we got used to! I wrote a guide on using zboost and other range extenders at [...]

marshall -- great low end booster, used for years

Great Product! I had if any one bar and constant lost calls. Now I have yet to loose a call and always 3 to 4 bars. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend the YX500 to any persons looking to get better cell service. -- Great Product

I needed help in the hilly environment where I live. This Cell Phone Helper works ok out of the box but in my case I had to add the optional HyGain antenna. The HyGain antenna really improves my cell phone send and receive within the confines of my house. -- Cell Phone Helper

This unit works perfectly. The only issue I had (my fault) is that I did not measure the required 20ft of separation between both antennas. Once I moved them a full 20ft apart the unit worked instantly and perfectly. -- It Works

Works excellent on 1 level...I had intermittent-to-no cell phone signal on my Verizon phone because of my location - near the city of Rochester (NY) but I have hills/valleys in my neighborhood, and the 1st floor is constructed of old cinder block. With the antenna on the 2nd floor in front, and the amplifier on the 1st floor near the back, the unit works great on the 1st floor. The unit doesn't seem to be as effective on multiple floors, but works great on the 1st floor....I'm very pleased with the improvement. -- Wireless Extender YX500

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