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Increase Your Cell Phone Signal at Your Workspace using zBoost zPersonal (zP) Designed for travel and single-users, the zBoost zP cell phone signal booster extends a Cell Zone for single user in dorms, hotels, homes or offices. zBoost zP wireless version, has an antenna that sits in your work area. The zBoost zP package includes everything you need — window unit, antenna and power supply. No set-up, just put it in the window and plug it in – Instant Cell Zone.

Wireless Extenders YX-300 zBoost zPersonal Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for a Single User (Wireless)


  • Increases your indoor cell signal coverage for your workspace--up to 6 feet
  • Dual-band device works with 800/1900 MHz frequencies from all major carriers--AT&T;, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, Cricket, and more (not compatible with Nextel)
  • Ideal for for single users in dorms, hotels, homes or offices
  • Great or travel--small footprint and lightweight
  • Extends phone battery life--uses less power when signal is stronger

User Reviews

The first one that I ordered did not work very well and then just stopped all together. I emailed Wi-Ex about this and, to my surprise, received a replay in less than 24 hours telling me that it would be replaced under warranty. I sent them my first unit and received a new one within a week and a half.

I'm happy to report that I have had this one for about two weeks and it has preformed exactly as it should. Most areas in my apartment are dead zones. Every now and then, I would get one or two bars, but not long enough to have any type of conversation. Now, I get 3 to 4(max) bars with the antenna. I picked up a decent bluetooth headset so I'm not tied to the phone and I can make calls all day. -- Wi-Ex customer service was great.

It works for me, but just barely. I am using it in my office. My office does not have an outside wall, and I was getting zero to 1 bars without it. When I first installed this, I was able to find a location next to the ceiling where I had two bars consistently. I located the window unit there, but even though my phone showed 2 or 3 bars, my calls broke up severely.
A few days ago, I put the window unit above the ceiling, where I had three bars, and it started working. However, the only way it works is if I leave my phone sitting next to the antenna, and use my bluetooth. If I move my phone as little as 6" away I go to 0-1 bars. Any farther and I have no bars.
My other big problem is that if the antenna is too close to the window unit, there is a back feed, and it stops working. That wouldn't be a huge problem, except the wire isn't all that long, and once you run it down the wall, and across the room, it is nearly impossible for it not to pick up the antenna and it stops working. Since installing it in the ceiling this problem went away, but I can no longer run the wire all the way to the floor and over to my desk. It looks pretty bad, and it may cause me problems with my boss. I wish I could add another 12-20 feet so I can install it neatly.
Bottom line. If you don't have at least 3 bars where you locate the window unit, and you can't leave your phone sitting next to the antenna, then I would recommend you stay away from this item. One other comment is that I think it should be designed to work the other way around. The black antenna should mount on the window and the main unit should be located near the phone. Running both power and the antenna wire into the ceiling or to a window is just plain stupid. But, for $50 it is working for me, and I'm happier than I was. -- Works for me, but just barely.

I bought this item because in my house I have 0-1 bars whereas standing right outside the window I have 3-4 bars. I read the reviews and thought I would give it a shot since I would only be using it at my desk. This product did not boost my signal at all. I had the exact same signal strength as before I installed the product. I still had to walk outside to make any calls or check my voice mail. I tested the product for over 2 weeks to give it a chance and still the same signal as before I bought the item. Do not buy this product as it does not work at all. -- Does not work

I recently moved into an apartment with poor cellphone reception, so I really wanted this product to work. I read the other reviews, and it seemed like a good fit for me - I have weak reception, but not no reception, and a good window to stick the device in.

When the product arrived, I set it up and it started working immediately. I went from getting 0-2 bars in the house to reliably getting 3-4. The problem is that after a few days, the device stopped working. Others have mentioned that the light sometimes turns from green (= working) to blinking red (= needs to be rebooted). Mine kept turning red, randomly, despite the fact that the antenna was pretty far from the base unit (the instructions say a blinking red light means the antenna is not far enough away). One morning, after about 3 days of use, I woke up to find the base station blinking red. When I unplugged it and plugged it back in, however, instead of fixing the situation the base station began to rapidly blink red-green-red-green-red-green.

I called the 800 number for customer service and YX told me to return the defective unit to Amazon because it had been less than 30 days since my order. I requested a replacement, since the unit had worked so well for those first few days.

When the replacement arrived, I was very pleased. The new unit did not randomly give me a blinking red light like the first did, so I was convinced the first was a fluke. About a week later, though, the same thing happened. I wake up to the blinking red light, reboot the unit, and get the red-green-red-green blink of doom. I requested another replacement from Amazon, but they gave me a refund instead since they think the third unit is likely to be defective as well, which I suppose it is. It's a real bummer, because when it worked it worked well, but clearly there is something wrong with the way YX is making these boosters. I'm going to have to try another company, and maybe shell out more than $50. -- I really wanted to like this product, but it stopped working

So I bought this wireless extender hopping to just get one extra bar of signal in my bedroom, you know enough to were my calls would not be dropped every minute and I would have to go outside in my driveway in order to get through a conversation.
Cutting to the worked, sort of. My cell phone carrier is T- mobile while my BF's is ATT. Now before I purchased this thing we both received the same signal amount in my room. After putting it up (which was super easy by the way), my BF got close to full signal strength while I still got nothing. Of course the catch was that he had to be super close to the antenna, like less than a foot or he would have maybe 1 bar again.

Maybe for the next gen the manufacturers could include a figure of signal lines radiating from the antenna for optimum placement on your desk, and maybe also some indication light on it to verify signal strength from the antenna.

Sucks it doesn't work for me but at least my BF's signal improvement verifies this thing sort of works instead of looking at the green light on the base unit and hoping that lighting an LED isn't all it does. -- Needs more documentation, but I guess you would say that it works.

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