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The 65 dB In-Building 1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier Kit is designed to provide enhanced indoor cellular coverage for up to 20,000 free square feet. The amplifier improves cellular signal (both voice and data) for all cellular providers operating on the 1900 MHz frequency. Provides enhanced cellular signal for multiple cell phones and cellular data cards simultaneously. The amplifier kit includes: 65 dB 1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier, Outside 1900 MHz Yagi Antenna, Indoor Panel Antenna, 50′ Wilson 400 Coax Cable, and a 20′ Wilson 400 Coax Cable. Over-the-phone Technical Support is available for any assistance in installation. Call 866-294-1660.

Wilson Electronics 65 dB In Building 1900 MHz Wireless Cellular Amplifier Kit


  • Complete kit
  • Easy to install
  • Covers up to 7,500 free square feet
  • Covers 1900 MHz Frequency
  • Install Assistance Available through Tech Support

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