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50dB Gain Wireless Repeater System (4KMR-30M)Get more bars with Digital Antenna’s PowerMax 4KMR-30M wireless cell booster. This 50dB gain wireless cellular repeater system boosts the signal strength of your cell phones or air cards to 3 watts, improves transmit and receive signals and can be used in a variety of locations. This translates into fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and stronger signals inside your home, office, cabin boat or RV. In addition, Digital Antenna’s cell boosters extend the life of your cell phone’s battery. For use on all carriers except Nextel or iDEN. Not for use in open console boats. DUAL BAND: FCC and IC approved for use with all North American cell phones operating on 850 or 1900 MHz (except Nextel or iDEN). 4KMR-30M System Includes: 3 watt dual band 40dB gain cellular repeater (DA4000MR) * 18 external 9dB gain omni-directional antenna ( 288-PW ) Internal 9 dB gain directional antenna ( 426-PW ) 30′ of DA240 cable for external antenna ( 240-30NM ) 15′ of DA240 cable for internal antenna ( 240-15NM ) 1?14 threaded mount ( DM194 ) 1?14 threaded mounting ferrule ( F114 ) 12 VDC power converter ( DP515 ) 110 VAC power supply ( DP255 ) * Not sold individually; only available as part of a system.

Wilson Electronics 301121 Dual Band (800-1900 MHz) Vertically Polarized Dome Ceiling Antenna with N Female Connector


  • Works on all Cellphones
  • Significantly Increases Your Cellphone's Range on Send & Receive
  • Built-In ground plane
  • Designed for fixed (building amplifier) installations
  • Convenient and simple to install for indoor ceiling mount applications

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